Social Prescribing Link Worker

Our health and wellbeing is affected by many factors and studies are now showing that combining clinical, medical and non-clinical treatments together can be the answer in improving the quality of our life.

Earls Barton & Penvale Park Surgeries are offering ‘Social Prescribing’ to their patients through referral to a non-medical link worker.  Social prescribing aims to address a person’s needs in a holistic way by considering the whole person and supporting the individual to take greater control of their health and wellbeing. 

Social Prescribing can lead to a number of positive outcomes such as improving the quality of life and emotional wellbeing, reducing levels of anxiety and depression, increasing physical activity and gaining friendship within a community group.

Our “Social Prescribing Link Worker” can give our patients the time to listen and focus on what matters to them so they can achieve positive health and wellbeing results.  By connecting them to a variety of activities typically provided by voluntary, community, social enterprise and statutory organisations for practical and emotional support.  Examples may include volunteering, befriending, activities, arts, gardening, cookery, learning, employment, weight management and a range of sports.

Those who could benefit from social prescribing can include people with mild or long term health conditions (including support for mental health), the vulnerable, the socially isolated or lonely and those who tend to visit their GP frequently.

Referrals can be done easily by asking your GP, a health professional or a member of our staff and an appointment can be booked for you to be seen by our Social Prescribing Link Worker at either surgery.